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If I were tasked with writing a fictional character who embodies the platonic ideal of masculinity, with none of the toxic stuff, at a minimum he would be:

- physically strong
- emotionally resilient
- guided by a strong sense of duty to loved ones (i.e. protector role)
- not easily intimidated or thwarted (i.e. brave)
- confident
- risk taking
- adventurous

All of these traits are obviously things that women can and do possess, but these traits are not stereotypically feminine.

Folks should realize that anything can be toxic at high enough doses, and the same goes for masculine characteristics. For instance, I have emotional resilience listed above. I see it as a positive thing in general, but it becomes toxic when we don't allow boys/men to ever express hurt feelings or fear. Same with wanting to protect others. In general that is great, but not when your feeling of worth and status depends on someone else being helpless and vulnerable.