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Originally Posted by Ulfreida View Post
There's a great book called Buffalo for the Broken Heart, by a guy who decides to turn his cattle ranch into a buffalo ranch, which I would recommend to virtually anyone. In it there is a scene (before he tries out the buffalo) where he spends some months off the ranch leaving it to be managed by a local, telling him very specifically not to let the cattle overgraze the pastures. When he comes back, it's horribly overgrazed, pasture is ruined, and he's just standing there with his mouth open and the local comes out looking worried and sheepish, and the author without saying a word just slugs him in fury. He slugs him a few more times for good measure, and then helps him up, they go have a beer together. There was nothing to be done, and nothing needed to be said.

I will frankly tell you that women never do that, in my experience.

Maybe this is cultural, and it obviously doesn't have infinite application, but to me it was an example of an extremely masculine but perfectly appropriate response. On both sides.

Should point out that this interchange had nothing to do with women.

Side note: I think there is such a thing as masculinity, and femininity. Both have good and bad aspects, especially in their extremes. Men and women, as individuals, each have both masculine and feminine traits, and men nearly always have more masculine ones and vice versa. No men have no feminine traits, and vice versa.
Now, I would say that hitting people is toxic, not "appropriate" at all. In fact, it's a crime and also gives rise to civil claims.