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Originally Posted by MikeF View Post
The bar/night club (which was fairly popular) would document many more drinks being sold than actually were. They would simply pour bottles of top shelf liquor down the drain during off hours and say that they sold the booze. They might go through five bottles of Stoly in a night but claim it was fifteen or twenty and put the dirty cash in the take for the night.
I don't understand this example, either. If I buy five bottles of liquor, pour it down the drain, and then report the sale of fifteen bottles, I haven't accomplished anything. The investigators will look at my receipts and see five bottles bought and fifteen sold... and I'm busted. This only works if there is a disparity between the wholesale price and the resale price of the item, and I could not sell the item at the price I claim.

This is why art is huge in money laundering circles. It is far easier to launder money when the value of the product is entirely arbitrary.

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