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The would legitimately sell 5 bottles - 5x16=80 shots x $5 = $400 revenue ($100 expenses).
They would then take an additional 15 bottles when nobody was around, pour them down the the drain.
15x16x$5=$1200 "revenue" and $300 expenses to provide the liquor.
Put $1200 of drug money into the till, the deposit the next morning is $400 + $1200
After paying the bills, they now have $900 of drug money that looks like profits, so turned into legitimate income.

the question is, what ratio of real to fake revenue works, before it looks too good and attracts the attention of the police? A bar is good because it's much harder for an observer to track actual sales; with a pizza joint, for example, they could observe walk-in traffic, tap the phone and know what sales really should be.

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