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Originally Posted by Little Nemo View Post
It just seems to me a foolish way to go about it. Why destroy valuable inventory? Why not do the same thing at a place that sells services like a barber shop? The barber performs ten haircuts during the day at twenty dollars a piece for two hundred dollars. But at the end of the day you slip in three hundred dollars from some illegal business and the barber says he performed twenty-five haircuts during the day and that accounts for the five hundred dollars in the cash register. And you didn't have to destroy a hundred dollars worth of real inventory to do it.
Because not using up enough inventory is an enormous red flag if anyone looks at your books. And I'd think that the difference between a 10-cut-a-day shop and a 25-cut-a-day shop would be really obvious to casual observation. (I would not fall over from shock if some of the perpetually-empty barber shops in my city were fronts)

I'm sure that the money launderers would love to clean their cash without spending any money on inventory, but the scheme actually seems rather good. For an illegal money laundering scheme.
  1. Invoices for inventory will match up to sales
  2. Busy bar doing $2000 in sales doesn't look too different from busy bar doing $2800 in 'sales'
  3. No one to say 'by the way, the booze for my underage kegger was bought under the table from bar-X' when they get caught by the cops for something unrelated
  4. Minimum of accomplices
  5. Scales up better than a service-only scheme

They whole point is to not get noticed (since I don't think there exists a money laundering scheme that would hold up under intense investigation) and the cost of inventory is cheap insurance. So long as you aren't doing it in front of someone will to turn informant, of course .