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Originally Posted by leahcim View Post
People seem really hung up on the "pour the booze down the drain" aspect. What if, at the end of drug dealing, the big boss just says to his goons, "congrats on that awesome drug traffic, here's a thousand dollars each to have a great night out, so long as you spend it at this bar I own and only drink top-shelf stuff".

He'll see (80% of) that money again as legitimate profits from his business with a complete paper trail and inventory/sales matching up, and none of the staff of the bar even have to be in on it. All pouring the booze down the drain does is reduce the incidence of alcohol poisoning among his henchmen.
I think the real confusion was with the idea that the destroyed liquor could have been sold legitimately for profit. If I sell 100% of my inventory every night, I have not profited by setting aside certain bottles for laundering. Of course, a place will not sell 100% of its inventory, so the destroyed bottles are "extra" in the sense that they would otherwise have gone unsold.