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Well, one famous compilation shred here is a highly edited hit piece. The editing make the activity appear more creepy and the reactions worse.

But Joe is a friendly man of his times. He touches people. People generally are good with that.You know that Sanders Supporter politician who complained how Biden kissed her on the back of the head? Sure. Not good. But they were touchy friendly... it was her rally, Biden was supporting her and she put her arms around him on stage. Should Biden complain about that?

Another shot is of a woman in a restaurant who pushed her chair up to the Veep, back first, pretty well asking for some sort of contact.

Honestly, non-sexual touching isnt evil. Yes, it is no longer a thing we do. Some are uncomfortable with it. But in Bidens day it is what you did. It still is common around the USA, in areas- strangers hug, men and women shake hands. In political photos it is common to pose with your hands on a shoulder to show support.