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Originally Posted by Derleth View Post
None of this high-flown language means anything until someone tells me how you're going to pull off a no-deal Brexit without violating the Good Friday Agreement and without making the Orangemen and their pet terrorist groups as unhappy as they'd be if Northern Ireland were to be swallowed up by Ireland. Truly a question to vex Gladstone.
So self-determination must take second place to the threat of violence? and High-flown language? it was a fairly standard statement that I'm sure most people would go along with. I try to avoid hypocrisy where I can, I can't be in favour of allowing Scotland or Wales a vote on separation from the UK and not support the UK voting to leave Europe.

If the threat of terrorist violence makes you cringe so, then I'm sure you'd be flat against any referendum on the reunification of Ireland?

(I'm also somewhat amused you didn't mention Cornwall. Or Sealand.)
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