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Originally Posted by Kolak of Twilo View Post
None of this conjecture about Senate seats matters at this point. With Brown out of the race we are basically doomed to a second four years of this President continuing to shred the Constitution.

There aren’t any Democrats running who have a prayer of winning. And even if Biden gets in he has so much baggage the GOP hit machine will destroy him. Plus the Berniecrats will never support him because he isn’t “pure”.
Brown is far from the only Dem who could beat Trump. The most popular candidate will be "Not Donald Trump."

On another note, Florida will be a tough get unless Dems can turn out the voters whose voting rights were restored last year. And even then we can't be sure that they will be a blue demographic, or at least blue in enough numbers to swing that election.

I don't think Texas is a Dem get in '20 either. It's looking like Georgia will flip before Texas and I don't think Georgia will flip before '24 or even '28.