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Originally Posted by Red Wiggler View Post
Brown is far from the only Dem who could beat Trump. The most popular candidate will be "Not Donald Trump."
Maybe. There is no shortage of candidates running as Democrats who I feel would be very good Presidents. The problem is the big names in the race will be very easily depicted as either crazy, gun-grabbing, baby murdering West Coast liberals or Socialist, gun-grabbing, baby murdering East Coast elitist liberals. As much as we may regard Trump as a buffoon he knows how to effectively play the name calling game. And it usually works for him.

Originally Posted by Red Wiggler View Post
On another note, Florida will be a tough get unless Dems can turn out the voters whose voting rights were restored last year. And even then we can't be sure that they will be a blue demographic, or at least blue in enough numbers to swing that election.

I don't think Texas is a Dem get in '20 either. It's looking like Georgia will flip before Texas and I don't think Georgia will flip before '24 or even '28.
The continuing focus on Florida, not to mention fantasies about TX, GA, NC, and AZ illustrate how many of my fellow Democrats either can't do math or won't face reality. The Democrats MUST win all the states Hillary got AND win MI, WI and PA. OH would also be nice but isn't essential. If the 2020 nominee wins FL but loses those four states, Trump still wins 277 to 261. Hillary wasted time, energy and money in Florida and it got her nothing other than having the voters who helped Obama win twice and who live in MI, WI and PA either stay home or go reluctantly for Trump. Any Democrat who doesn't get that is guaranteed to lose in 2020.

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