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My theory on these notes are that they are indeed written in a form of shorthand, and people like US_SOLDIER may be onto something with how Ricky McCormick may have read them.

Not so much on this forum, but others have asked "where there even computers than?" and I don't know if they're joking or not. 1999 was the year before the Y2K scare and was still in the height of computer sales, people signing up for the Internet and AOL, ect...

The reason that I bring up the computers is that on another forum someone referred that the last circled bit on the "NOTES" page "D-W-M-Y MIL XDRLX" (as is the common interpretation as I've seen) the "XDRLX" could possibly be chat room type for XD = smiling/grinning and RLX = relax. This got me thinking about my old chat room days and I remember seeing ASL (Age, Sex, Location) all of the time. So what if "D-W-M-Y MIL" is really "D-W-M 14 1986" and possibly stood for Date-White(race,or With)-Male 14 (age) 1986 (when he was told the person was born, I got 13 doing it in my head but allot of kids tend to say they're a year older even if it's a day past their birthday) or something similar. With the fact that almost everyone agrees that there seems to be directions or at-least an address in the notes, I'm thinking these could be notes from a chat session setting up a meeting and possibly describing what he/they intended to do at or after this meeting.

Another forum had posted (I couldn't register there so I chose here instead) a list of possible convictions that showed up for Ricky McCormick in the St. Louis area and it included statutory rape of someone under 14 years of age in 1992 I believe ( for reference). So he does have a history of sexual assault on minors, this help leads me to think there is a chance his death and the "awkward" place his body was recovered could possibly have been caused from him meeting another predator at this location, the kids family caught him while at the location, or possibly a disagreement with an accomplice. The bad thing about this theory is even if the notes are deciphered and identifiable information (screen name, ect...), there's little if no chance of recovering the logs used during the chat sessions.