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Originally Posted by CitizenPained View Post
I donno about dying of natural causes, but this thread did kind of turn into a jizzy dork fest.
Oh thanks for the correction. I had actually read that bit on the FBI site from the OP. But then I read the contemporaneous news story that was also linked down thread that said:

But how McCormick died and ended up where he did is still a mystery. Maj. Tom O'Connor of the Major Case Squad said authorities were treating the suspicious death as if it were a homicide. A medical examiner has not been able to determine an exact cause of death yet. An initial medical examination found no obvious gunshot or knife wounds, he said.
McCormick, who was identified by his fingerprints, suffered from chronic heart and lung problems, O'Connor said, and authorities have not ruled out the possibility that his health may have contributed to his death.
He was last seen alive late in the afternoon of June 25 at Forest Park Hospital in St. Louis, the former Deaconess Hospital, where he was receiving medication from his doctor, O'Connor said. No one had reported him missing, he said.
O'Connor said authorities found no evidence of fights or disagreements McCormick might have had.
"We cannot find any motive for his death, " he said. "We're not absolutely sure that this is a homicide."
It was early, so I forgot the more recent assertion of definitive homicide by the FBI.

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