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Originally Posted by Cumbrian View Post
I find the above interesting. Why do you want Jennings in your Ashes team?
It's funny that you should bring up the 90s England in your earlier post, and their habit of finally turning up to a series once it's been lost, because I think the current problems with the England setup are similar to the problems we had back then. We're not letting anyone settle, players aren't in the team because they know that the selectors back them and know they are good enough, but because they are the lastest cab off the rank in a desperate search for the next Alistair Cook.

It's not just the openers. Here is a graphic showing the England middle order (3-8) and their positions they've played in the previous three series. Look at what's happened to Bairstow, Stokes and Buttler in particular, but none of them (with the sole exception of Joe Root) are settled.

It's not so much that I want Jennings in particular in my Ashes side, more than I want this team, in this order, in my Ashes side, to let them gel as a side, with players in known roles and positions.

I don't think Jason Roy is the answer, and I don't think his name would have come up (as it hasn't, really, until now) if he wasn't simply one of the few openers we haven't chucked in yet. As you say, he doesn't open in County Cricket.

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