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Originally Posted by jayjay View Post
My first reaction was "He was so young and it was so long ago."

My second reaction was "But Kavanaugh..."

He should probably resign, and I say this as a hyperpartisan Democrat. While also acknowledging that there would be no possibility of that happening if he were Republican.
Since I'm not a member of either major political party, I'm not obligated to take a partisan stance. I don't care what was in Brett Kavanaugh's high school yearbook. I don't care what was in Ralph Northam's med school yearbook. Why should I care?

I know plenty of people who said or did stupid or offensive things while in high school, college, or grad school, and then grew up and became model citizens. I don't see any advantage to anyone in creating a culture where the dumbest thing that a person said in their youth circles back and harms them 30 years later. Who benefits from that?

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