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Originally Posted by Dacien View Post
I just don't think I can jump on board with asking him to step down over an almost 40-year-old photo of him in blackface/in a KKK hood in what is clearly a jocular display. I say this as a staunch conservative. If he had been pictured at a KKK rally, or had been wearing blackface at some kind of political rally, there's a stronger argument there, but this is a yearbook photo.

Again, I say this as a pretty strong conservative. If the new standard is to judge our elected officials on tasteless photos from decades upon decades ago, we're all in for a rough time. We need to be reasonable about this.
Maybe in a vacuum, but in today's America? With a white supremacist tolerator and enabler in the WH, and a deadly white supremacist attack just about a year ago in VA? Virginia needs a governor with the moral authority to oppose white supremacism as effectively as possible.

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