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Originally Posted by Omar Little View Post
Those black politicians calling on Northampton to resign:

The entire Virginia legislative black caucus
The nation's and Virginia's first black governor: Douglas Wilder
Former Atty general, Eric Holder
Sen. Kamala Harris
NAACP president Derrick Johnson
Rep. Bobby Scott
I mean, yeah, it's interesting. I don't understand the reason for the difference between "All the Virginia legislative black caucus say to resign" and "only a little more than a third of black Virginians want him to resign." But the difference is there, and we should be looking at it.

Just as blackface's impact is largely symbolic, it's possible the caucus's calls for resignation are largely symbolic. Maybe they know he's unlikely to resign, but want him to recognize what thin ice he's on.

Or maybe the poll was taken at a different point during this clusterfuck of a news story than the caucus's call was made.

I dunno. It's interesting.