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Originally Posted by Stanislaus View Post
But there's a massive difference between this analogy and the EU/UK negotiations. In the car dealership analogy, my walk away position is the status quo. I get back in the car I drove to the dealership in and drive away, no worse off than I was before I came to the dealership. That isn't what No Deal means. It is not a return to the status quo. It is, in the analogy, setting fire to my current car. Pointing to that burning wreck and saying "I'm quite prepared to drive off in that" isn't credible. And credibility is what counts.
In the analogy the walk away position is to return to other modes of transport that other people use, some of which are the equivalent of a burning wreck and some are not. The E.U. currently don't think we are willing to take the bus or cycle.

the consistent rhetoric of May's government was that No Deal was better than a bad deal. If that were a credible threat, the EU would have given the UK more of what it wanted. It didn't. It called the non-credible bluff and got the deal it wanted.
Which is exactly my point. They don't believe we mean it and so are free to craft the deal very much in their favour.

Remember, "no deal" is not an existential threat to the UK. The evidence for that is the existence of countries that sit outside of the E.U. and still manage to come to alternative arrangements and not descend into anarchy and a mad-max wasteland.
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