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Originally Posted by Steophan View Post
Boris has made it quite clear he will not ask for an extension and, as the bill does not in fact have teeth, nothing will happen when he doesn't.
The Bill imposes a legal obligation on a public officer, which is enforceable through court action.

But it probably won't come to court action. A Prime Minister deciding that he is not going to comply with the law is effectively overthrowing the rule of law, the notion that government actions must be lawful, which is a necessary foundation of democracy. Even the present-day Tory Party will find this hard to stomach. The monarch certainly will.

If Johnson find the legal obligations attached to his office uncongenial the proper courses open to him are:

- Peform the obligations, while whingeing about them
- Persuade parliament to change the law, so that the obligations no longer apply
- Resign, and make way for someone who is willing to do the job.

Clinging to the office while refusing to perform the office is not an option and it's absurd to say that there are no sanctions for doing so. He can be compelled by court order to perform the duty; if he defies the order he can be imprisoned for contempt. But political constraints are likely to operate more rapidly than judicial ones; the party will put up with a lot, but it will not put up with coup d'etat, which is what Johnson announcing that he is no longer subject to the law would amount to.

Originally Posted by Steophan View Post
Macron has also made it clear that he will not allow an extension even if one is requested.
I don' think he has, actually.

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So, for an extension to happen, two men known best for their stubbornness and lack of concern for consequences will have to change their minds. That is about as likely as Trump sending a gramattically correct tweet.
Um, Johnson is noted for changing his mind. About Brexit, to pick but one example.