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The scene described in the OP rings somewhat true, if exaggerated. Littering was much more common. It became such a problem, and the litter became such an eyesore, that a national ad campaign to stop the littering was initiated.

Surely some of you are old enough to remember the crying Indian ad campaign launched on Earth Day in 1971?

And states started producing their own campaigns to stop littering. Growing up near Chattanooga, we had the memorable Tennessee Trash ads launched in 1976.

The ad campaigns worked, to a large extent. People started thinking twice about throwing fast food bags out the windows of their cars, and the roadsides became a lot less cluttered. If you traveled much it became noticeable that there was more trash on the roads in other countries.

Lately, I'm sorry to say I've seen a return to old patterns, with a lot more trash accumulating on the roadsides. I think maybe we could use a new ad campaign.