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Can you see this link ?

Not sure if it's publicly viewable. If it is then available players consists of anyone not on a roster and anyone cut in the predraft cuts in this thread.

People who draft someone knowing that person is on IR don't get an extra draft pick but once Yahoo lists them on IR they can be put in an IR slot which means you could then pick someone else up as a waiver or free agent since you'll have a free roster spot. There are 2 IR spots.

In the past we had a system where players who went on IR after they were picked would generate another draft pick at the end of the draft but people seem to dislike that system and I forgot to call a vote for it. Does anyone object to removing that system with the supplemental draft?

When I get home later or tomorrow I'll transfer keepers into the new league so it's clear who owned. I was waiting on cuts to do that.

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