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Originally Posted by Ol'Gaffer View Post
Thanks. Couple more questions - How many IR spots? And if I draft a player on IR does he slot onto my roster or into IR? For example, if I've got 24 players on roster and have one more pick, and I take a guy on IR, do I have another draft pick?
Up to two IR spots, but they essentially don't exist until after the draft. So if you draft someone who is already on IR, you'll need to sign a free agent after the draft if you want to get back up to 25 players.

If you sign someone who gets put on IR shortly after being drafted, traditionally we've held a supplemental draft after the main draft to fill those spots. There have been complaints about the complexity of our draft, though, with the supplemental draft being seen as needless extra bookkeeping, so we may not be doing a supplemental draft this year.

I can tell you from experience that when you draft someone in the first three rounds and then days later they go on IR, it SUCKS. The supplemental draft doesn't mitigate the suck in any way. (This has happened to me two of the past three years.)

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