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Without doing any further research than that one article, my takeaway is that there was a point in time when the source was an intern, and some materials were from that time in his career, but that at the point in time at which the article was written, the source was not an intern and was appropriately described, and nearly all of the material that was used in relation to him was not from when he was an intern. That's not a case of them lying about the identity of the person, that seems to be a case of them failing to note that in one instance, they were discussing the "early years" of that person's career. That would be misleading, but could just as well be an oversight as an intentional act to deceive.
You've either misread or misunderstood that one article.

All the quotes from that guy were from the "early years" of the guy's career. The guy was "a 2009 college physics-engineering graduate who E.I.A. said was hired as an intern in summer 2009 and upgraded to general engineer in March 2011". The emails "captured conversations between summer 2009 and April 2011". The article was written on June 27, 2011.

No one who reads an article in the NYT with quotes from “one official”, an “energy analyst”, or “one federal analyst” would assume this was referring to a guy who was a year and a half out of college (and had apparently been promoted from intern status within the last month), even leaving aside the actual intern quote.