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Originally Posted by Riemann View Post
Let alone the original events, do we any even have any kind of remotely plausible or coherent account of Northam's actions over the past 48 hours? How on earth is it possible that he initially conceded that it's him in the photo if it's not?
Right, this is one thing on which you should know exactly for what the hell you are going to be apologizing since getting it wrong means now you have to go, but for showing bad current judgment.

As others have said, his words indicate that he DID remember participating in some blackface shenanigans but he wasn't clear about for which specific incident was he being called out now.

But that means now we can't help but wonder what else may be out there that could blow up later on. That is what wounds him regarding being an effective governor from now on.

If he had proferred an unreserved apology at the start and then shut up and sat down with the people and groups he has upset, rather than do the, "oh, wait, THAT picture, THAT one's not me", I could be on the "oh, please, stupidity 30 years ago? there but for the grace of Og..." side. But not like this.

PS: Oh and yes, somewhere some opposition research team is looking like idiots

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