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Originally Posted by panache45 View Post
And why don't we have wings or infra-red vision, while we're at it?

Evolution doesn't work that way. It doesn't decide that something is better, then evolve toward it. If a given mutation doesn't occur, it doesn't happen.
This is not particularly insightful. In this case, these are just two forms of the same structure, not an entirely de novo organ. It's entirely reasonable for nails to have evolved from claws without any major mututaion.

Originally Posted by panache45 View Post
There's a logical step missing in your thinking. Hint: "went from claws to nails" does not necessarily imply "advantageous," apart from other possible factors.
Yeah, in this case it pretty much does. Read my post. We can identify the reasons that primates don't have claws.

There's a whole field of evolutionary biology predicated on the idea that we can identify the reasons why particular characters evolve.