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Here in Las Vegas, they used to advertise for huge events on Super Bowl day - some casinos would put a jumbo tron (if that is the word for those huge screens) in an arena, plus tons of other large screen TVs throughout and charge maybe $5-10 for unlimited drinks and food - obviously the money was made from gambling on the game.

However, the NFL came crashing down and threatened legal action, stopping this immediately.

The reason? Supposedly this would put ticket sales for the actual game in jeopardy!!! People wouldn't buy tickets to the game if they could come to Vegas and see it for cheap.
Right - as if it is hard to sell tickets to this overpriced, over-hyped game. Tickets are going for $10,000 and I think private boxed seat areas are going for upwards of $250,000. Greedy bastards.

So, now the casinos still offer similar deals, but they pretty much can't advertise the fact.

I could not possibly care less for any football game and used to tune in every once in awhile if I was home simply to see the commercials - however, even that isn't necessary anymore as they show the "best of" before and after the game.