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Originally Posted by Telemark View Post
They get that money by selling exclusive rights to advertise as SuperBowl sponsors. If anyone could do so they wouldn't make any money on sponsorship. You can't just protect some of the naming rights.
Yes, I know all this. If there's anything making me question the practice, it's that they apparently had no problem with general use of "Super Bowl" in associated ways until perhaps 8-10 years ago, then suddenly it was money leaking out of their pockets and they turned feral.

A grocery store or TV seller having a "Super Bowl" sale takes not one dime from the NFL's pocket, helps promote the hypiness of the whole thing and is in no way equivalent to using the term in a competing way. They were good with it for 25+ years; besides being a bit of a case of burning down the horses it's indicative of nothing but end-stage greed, gibbering in a boardroom because someone might somehow be making collateral money from their efforts.

It isn't even the nominally global-community, contribution-supported IOC/Olympics... it's just a fuckin' entertainment corporation after every dime they can squeeze into their pockets, and going to insane levels to make sure no dime escapes - even imaginary dimes.

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