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This page about the Olympic trademarks is very useful.
By statute, the USOC may file a civil action against any person if that person, without consent of the USOC, uses the Olympic trademarks for the purpose of trade, to induce the sale of any goods or services, or to promote any theatrical exhibition, athletic performance, or competition. A showing of actual consumer confusion, or even a likelihood of such confusion, is not necessary for the USOC to prevail. The statute makes actionable any use of the word Olympic or similar terms tending to cause confusion or mistake, to deceive, or to falsely suggest a connection with the Corporation or any Olympic, Paralympic, or Pan American Games activity. [...] Historically, the USOC has actively policed its rights to maintain the strength of the Olympic trademarks and thus protect Olympic corporate sponsors against dilution of the value of the Olympic trademarks.
It also specifies that there are some ways you can and can't use the word Olympic "to identify a business or goods or services." None of this applies to journalism. You can't make people pay you to report on something.