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The "more secure" claim is from Richard O. Lempert, a lawyer, not an IT person, in American Prospect:
There is the interesting question of whether the inadvertently transferred classified emails were more or less secure because they were on Clintonís server rather than on a State Department server. The FBI investigation may provide an answer. From a distance, it seems possible that Clintonís messages were more secure on her server than they would have been on the State Departmentís servers, even if the latter were protected by a technically superior firewall. The State Departmentís systems are reportedly regular targets of hackers. Few knew that Clinton used a personal server for business emails, so hacker attacks may have been far less common if they happened at all. Also hackers often gain access to systems by fooling users into downloading malicious programs or clicking on malicious web sites. Since few people had accounts that accessed Clintonís servers, the chance that someone might inadvertently open a door to hackers is most likely much less. Finally, after a few months, transactions with Clintonís servers were reportedly encrypted. Because of the difficulties posed by the need to accommodate different server and computer generations, the government has lagged behind the private sector in encryption.
There is evidence that the State Department's email gets hacked all the time, even after Hillary Clinton left office. There is no evidence that Clinton's email servers were hacked despite what the Right Wing Media says.