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Originally Posted by Ravenman View Post
So after having the "everyone with a security clearance agrees with me" gambit failed, you choose the "anyone who has an open mind agrees with me" gambit?

I wear a security hat at work, I have deployed three firewalls in the past month or so, have been through the FISMA process because my company has federal contracts and deal with security breaches. I am not a security specialist, I don't know the app side well enough, but the network/infrastructure falls under my area of expertise.

What Clinton did id so mind bogglingly stupid that it is almost indescribable. When a smart person does something so absolutely stupid, over the advice of the professionals, one starts to question the reason for the choice. Considering that every single thing Clinton has said about the issue has been a lie, well, it starts looking rather bad.

Regarding Pagliano, the idiot had Dameware live on a public ip, had a known to be broken version of ssl and didn't update it, and didn't keep the server patched until, Ta Da!, the news server went public. He may be called an I.T. professional, however, if I ran my servers* that way I would be fired.


*Presently at roughly 600 prod servers on 22 ESX hosts and and another 100 servers or so for internal
stuff like file servers, email, etc. I also do all the networking (routing, switching internet, MPLS), storage, and ip phones.Oh, and core OS installs and DB configs for the dev type people, CentOS, Linux, MSSql, etc. Plus desktops, printers, scanners.....crap. I do a lot.