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Originally Posted by ThelmaLou View Post
What is the matter with you people who continue to let HD hijack threads??? WHY do y'all engage with him?? Why do you let him dominate discussions when he brings NOTHING to the table??

HE will not answer a straight question, but I wish one of you would.

It is beyond pointless. When I've been out all day, I'll click into one of the political threads and see page after page after page of useless BLATHER where people address "points" that HD has made in (I assume) the vain hope that he will see the light or even reply with something other than CRAP.
Well, speaking for myself, and beyond the mere affect inherent to a troll's troll posts ; lies the problem of bullshit and its asymmetry. If you just let these asshats drop their deuce in a debate and that deuce is not addressed, then it can be seen by a reader as unchallenged, ergo valid take or opinion ; which lets silent holders of similar opinions comfort themselves in their own shit being valid. The turd keeps floating in the metaphorical punchbowl, and who wants to drink punch from a bowl that has a giant turd floating in it ? At worst it can even become "HA ! Teh libz just can't dispute The Truth !" (see: creationists lauding Duane Gish as a feared debater of epic skills and undisputed worth because after a while non-creationists simply refused to speak with that disingenuous asscozy).

So engaging feels like a form of community self-defence, or defending the integrity of the debate, or just performing for the benefit of an unseen, possibly imagined audience.

And yet, because debunking multifaceted bullshit takes effort and cites and so on ; but the production of multifaceted bullshit merely involves parroting nonsense, the relative effort of trolling vs. sincerity is super lopsided, which means the bad faith take always "wins" by exhaustion in an open-ended discussion format.
I don't know how this equation can be solved short of just kicking bad faith arguers out.

I don't believe he and the other disruptors care one bit about the CONTENT of the discussion. They get a buzz from the attention. That's it.
That might be the case for some subset of trolls, but HD employs language and rhetoric tricks that are too close to legit far-right, Breitbart chugging shit-for-brains that I have no problem assuming he's sincere in his shitheadery and disruption. He does it with an agenda beyond the mere lulz. It's bad faith with an agenda. octopus is the same although with a more openly antagonistic bent, a lesser focus on sealioning.