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I guess the words "doctor of philosophy" are what give them the wrong idea of them being so godly or godlike. Anyway, I was reading about how a PhD advisor said "Listen I'm the boss here. If you don't like that, then get out of my classroom". That is what really opened up my eyes of PhD arrogance though for some reason I did not realize it sooner...

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I think they just aren't excited to be teaching undergraduates in a lot of cases, or are trying to set boundaries versus a classroom of 300 people.

I noticed a drastic difference in professorial attitude between undergraduate and graduate school. In undergrad, they were usually somewhat aloof and tended to have strict rules, but in grad school they were much more congenial and open- there was a lot less of the authoritarian type stuff, and a lot more treatment as a colleague. I mean, our grad school profs went to lunch with us on occasion, which was something undergrad ones NEVER did.