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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
That was not my intention, and if anyone took it that way, I'm happy to apologize.
Fair enough.

Back to Biden: Democrats in positions of power would be smart to look at the question 'what qualities in Biden are believed to be the key to winning states we're worried about, such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin?'

Surely it's not his age. And surely it's not that he's made serious runs at getting the nomination several times.

So it must be other traits. What are they? Why are they believed to be important? Are they important? Should we publicly examine the belief that these traits are important? If we think "maleness" is crucial, why do we believe it's crucial? Are we right about that, or are we making unwarranted assumptions? If we think "physically affectionate" is crucial, why? If we think "says whatever he's thinking" is crucial, why?

And so on. This could be a useful exercise, I believe.