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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
Most people that I've spoken to who have expressed a belief that black people (or Jews, or Mexicans, or some other ethnic/racial/etc. group) are inferior in some way (this is just an example -- I'm not aware of HD saying anything like this directly) don't actually believe they are racist, and are aghast if/when anyone says that anything they've said or done is racist. Sympathizing with/supporting a white supremacist mass murderer is "looking at things through a racial lens", whether one realizes it or not.

It's possible that HD is just trolling, and it's probably even possible that his sympathy for the motives and actions of a white supremacist mass murderer like McVeigh is unrelated to white supremacism, but the latter strikes me as unlikely enough to put into that little basket of things that are not really worth considering without really strong evidence.
When people join the US military, which has murdered many millions of innocent non-“whites”, it is hard to take them seriusly when they lament white supremacy.

The US military is basically a white supremacist organization with access to stolen money and deadlier weapons. This point has been made much clearer after 9/11 for the thinking citizenry of the world. Anyone who has joined the military after 9/11 is on average much worse than WWII era German soldiers because most of those guys were conscripted slaves. Today’s military is voluntarily murderous.