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Originally Posted by Just Asking Questions View Post
Took longer than I thought in this thread, but there it is. Stoners think everyone should be like them. Maybe some here should stop smoking a bowl for a while, get a new perspective.
Actually, it's about judging people who are trying the best they can to manage their issues in our sucky health "system". The last time I smoked was last November when I was smoking a low THC-strain. It was recommended to me by an excellent budtender who understood that I needed to manage extreme anxiety, not get high. You see, my husband was hospitalized across the country after having a heart attack. He had open heart surgery. My doctor told me to try deep-breathing and gave me an antihistamine to help me sleep. I thought she was kidding. The weed helped take off the panicky edge.

My husband died. I haven't smoked any weed since then, but I'm not going to judge anyone for how they manage their lives. Or how they acquire what they use. I blame the system and not the people, unlike those in this thread who sit in judgment.