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Originally Posted by Northern Piper View Post
One compromise that falls between the current system and a full on popular vote would be to change the structure of the electoral college by providing that states only get the same votes as they have Representatives. They get nothing for their Senate two seats.

Smaller states like North Dakota would kick, since it would reduce them from 3 votes to 1, but proposing a constitutional amendment along these lines might start a conversation about the role of the Electoral College, the over-representation of small states under the current system, while balancing against the basic fact that the US is a federation of states, and each state should have a minimum guaranteed vote with respect to the presidency.
You don't need to propose an amendment to "start a conversation". We are having a conversation right here. The first sticking point in the conversation is: what's in it for small states? Why would Wyoming and North Dakota and Alaska want to support it? It looks like you're asking them to give something up and get nothing in return. That's a negotiating tactic that's unlikely to lead to agreement, to put it mildly.