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Part Two, chapters 1-3. The walk across the Brooklyn Bridge was followed by a walk back over the bridge and into Chinatown for dinner, so I'm back a little later than anticipated.

Feed My Family: 3-5, 12th, 603.12 (13th)

Best pick:
Then -- B. Lloyd (11). A #1 WR in the 11th round. Good value, even if he does play for San Fran.
Now -- J. Galloway (4). Currently the 5th rated WR, and a cut above #6 and below.

Worst pick:
Then -- Galloway. See above, but it sure seemed shaky at the time -- a #2 receiver on a mediocre offense. Shows what we know.
Now -- J. Lewis (1), but there are lots of nominees. See below.

Keeper Potential -- Probably Anquain Boldin (6) again, if he comes back and has some reasonable success this season. I don't see anything else.

Injury problems? -- Boldin's knee is acting up again, but should be back within a few weeks. D. Staley (7) was injured at draft-time and hasn't come back yet. D. Akers (8) has a bad hamstring injury. I forget, is the hamstring important for a kicker?

Then: C+
Now: D+. This is the over-the-hill gang. Lewis (1), Harrison (2), Green (3), Staley (7), and McNair (10) were all guys who had a real possibility of breaking down this year, and Feed My Family has lost every single gamble to some degree or another. That's just bad luck.

DerierExtraordinaire: 5-3, 5th, 705.99 (7th)

Best pick:
Then -- M. Moore (4). Had as good a chance as anyone to be the main back in the supposedly powerful Vikings offense (and did, in fact, win the job). Too bad the Vikings suck.
Now -- Would be Cadillac Williams (3), but he's effectively missed half the season with injuries and it looks like his workload is going to be scaled back all year. I hate to do this, but how about: Chicago's D (14). The second-best scoring DEF (by a lot), and they're still with the team. Nice one.

Worst pick:
Then -- K. Warner (7).
Now -- Warner, of course. If you're going to wait until the 7th round to take a QB, you've got to do better than this. QBs taken after Warner (who could've gone undrafted without shocking anyone) include Plummer, Delhomme, and A. Brooks. And who's the backup? Kyle Orton.

Keeper Potential -- Braylon Edwards (8) will probably be back next year, but he'll be kepot on spec, not production. Bob Marley (13) could conceivably wind up as something other than a pure backup (but I doubt it). I normally hate the idea of keeping Defenses, but Chicago will be worth a 12th next year. K. Orton (16)? I hope not.

Injury problems? -- McAllister (1) is done for the year. T. Owens (2) will likely miss one or two games starting now. C. Williams (3) has been out/gimpy for most of the year. K. Warner (7) got hurt, lost his starting job, and somehow just got it back. B. Edwards (8) missed a few games with an infected elbow that had the docs giving amputation as a worst case scenario (and that's always a conversation you want your player to be a part of).

All in all, a sure contender for worst injury situation in the league.

Then: C
Now: B+/B. And only the attrocious QB drafting keeps this from being an A. There was no way to know that McAllister, Owens, Williams, and Edwards would all be hit by injuries. He was right that Cadillac would get a lot of carries and be productive (when healthy), and he was right about M. Moore winning the job in Minnesota (no way for him to predict the Vikings' total collapse). He was right about Marcel Shipp winning the RB job in Arizona. He picked up two very good defenses, Dallas and Chicago, currently 6th and 2nd, respectively.

If he'd taken Plummer or Delhomme instead of Warner, and if he'd had one or two fewer injuries, this would be the best team in the league. As it is, though, he's got waiver-wire hero Mark Brunell at QB (who can't possibly keep up his above-average fantasy performance . . . sorry), and a banged up offense that will struggle to make the playoffs. It's a crying shame.

New York Fanboys: 4-4, 7th, 711.40 (6th)

Best pick:
Then -- T. Barber (1)
Now -- Ellis was fortunate to get Tiki with the 10th pick (I very nearly took him at #5), and he's proven to be a good value there. The best pick, though, was Eli in the 9th. Shocker.

Worst pick:
Then -- L. Coles (3).
Now -- Coles. Even the Fanboys couldn't tolerate his lack of production. He's gone.

Keeper Potential -- Plaxico (6) will be a pretty good value in the 4th next year. Eli (9) will be an exellent keeper.

Injury problems? -- The entire Jets contingent on the Fanboys was hurt by the Pennington/Fiedler mess that turned the Jets into the least dangerous team in the league.

Then: C
Now: C+/A-. The former grade is in absolute terms, the latter is taking into account the constraints of Ellis' loyalty-based draft strategy. It's hard to imagine a much better team composed entirely of Jets and Giants. He probably should've taken Plaxico in the 6th instead of Pennington (who would've been available next round, for sure), but that's the only obvious fault I can find.