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Originally Posted by VarlosZ
Injury problems? -- The entire Jets contingent on the Fanboys was hurt by the Pennington/Fiedler mess that turned the Jets into the least dangerous team in the league.
The funny thing is that it goes much further than that. Injuries killed the passing game, obviously, and that put pressure on the running game, which in turn features a nicked up Curtis Martin and an IR Kevin Mawae, not to even mention that Blaylock is also on IR. All that I can understand.

But wtf, Jets? How's your top two draft picks looking? Mike Nugent?! Holy fucking shit he sucks balls. The second pick has to be better than Nugent, right? Justin Miller?! Shit, he was so fucking bad at returning punts that they were forced to put a starting wide receiver back there in Justin McCareins. That's fucking pathetic. Nice top two draft picks, Terry "Dumbass" Bradway.

And then, just when you think you can't get any more pathetic, the obvious no-brainer trade of Moss for Coles turns out to have been a better deal for Washington. Washington! How many years in a row can the Redskins fuck over the Jets? Jesus Christ!

Luckily the Giants have been fun enough to obsess ovr that the Jets' woes are but a blip on my radar. My buddy the Jets fan, however, is bumming big time.

If only I had been true to my fandom and started Eli over The Chad in week 1, I might be over .500 at this point. Oh well, at least I'm in it. At this point last year I was 1-7 in the league. 4-4 is world's better than that, and at least (I'm assuming) you guys don't look at a game against me as a pushover easy victory. That's something, I guess.

Fucking Jets fucking suck balls. But just to set the record straight, Coles is still a Fanboys starter. (He had a bye last week, but he's back in at W/R in place of Jordan.) So is Curtis, which makes a grand total of two Jets in my starting lineup. *sigh*

I'm hoping to make a run now that I'm past my bye weeks, but unfortunately the Giants schedule gets much tougher down the stretch. I need to win the next two weeks to take advantage of the matchups against the 49ers and Vikings.