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Fightin' Quakers: 3-5, 10th, 683.35 (9th)

Best pick:
Then -- D. McNabb (2). A prolific passer who also scrambles, and the safest bet at QB this side of Peyton Manning (ironically enough). Even with all his injury problems this year, he's still the #2 QB in the league.
Now -- S. Smith (4). Scooped me; I totally wanted Smith but thought he would last another couple of rounds. This year's Muhsin Muhammed is, by far, the #1 fantasy WR. (Incidentally, the Quakers also have last year's Muhsin Muhammed: Muhsin Muhammed, whom they kept with their 8th Rounder).

Worst pick:
Then -- M. Bennett (3). Also, Arizona's defense (14)? What the hell was that about?
Now -- Bennett. No longer with the team, for obvious reasons.

Keeper Potential -- Smith (4) and L. Fitzgerald (5) would be expensive keepers, but they deserve serious consideration. Reggie Brown might be worth a late-rounder if TO doesn't return to the Eagles. Hasn't Frank Gore (10) been impressive? He'll the be the starter (and a solid keeper) next year if the 49ers know what's good for them. Heath Miller (9) will be a good value.

Injury problems? -- A. Green (1) is kaput. McNabb has been hurting all year (not that it's slowing him down for our purposes). Was Bennett hurt? (Does it matter?) T. Henry (6) was a good gamble, but he's been injured

Then: C
Now: A-. The injury to Green is killing this team, but there were lots of very good picks here. McNabb was worth the 2nd Rounder. S. Smith might have been the best pick in the entire draft. L. Fitzgerald (5) was a steal, as was Heath Miller (9). F. Gore (10) is getting some touches and should be a nice keeper. Ditto Mark Jones (11).

Mundi Morning Blues: 3-5, 9th, 740.02 (4th)

Best pick:
Then -- H. Ward (4), who's worked out nicely in spite of some injnury problems.
Now -- S. Moss (8). I doubt he can keep up this pace, but he's currently the 3rd rated WR in our league. W. Dunn (5) is a close 2nd in this category.

Worst pick:
Then -- A. Vinatieri (11, keeper). You don't keep Kickers, and this is why. Vinatieri is currently a below average fantasy Kicker, which should not be shocking. Their numbers will fluctuate greatly from year to year, as will their opportunities.

Now -- T. Gonzalez(3). Age has finally caught up with him, and this was too early to take a TE for whom age was a known issue, especially if one had yet to draft a QB or WR.

Keeper Potential -- W. Dunn (5)? Probably not, but his production warrants the discussion. S. Moss (8) looks good. T. Glenn was the steal of the 16th Round.

Injury problems? --Some bumps and bruises, but nothing crippling.

Then: B-
Now: A. Everyone pay attention to this guy, because Mundi always drafts well. He got two solid backs on the corner of Rounds 1 & 2 (Rudi and D. Davis). Ward was a steal at the start of the 4th, and Dunn was a steal at the end of the 5th. T. Brady (6) has put up solid numbers, as has Rod Smith (7). S. Moss was a major steal in the 8th. Cincinatti was a good D to pick up in the 15th. Terry Glenn (Terry Glenn!) was there for him in the 16th.

Christ almighty. I just hope his run of bad luck continues so I don't have to face him in the playoffs.