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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
Who said that detergent or soap doesn't kill germs?...
scientists. Soap really only loosens oil and dirt that may cover germs so water can sloth them off. Some bacteria actually feed on anti-bacterial I didn't mistype that.

Originally Posted by One And Only Wanderers View Post
How hot a wash cycle would it take to kill bacteria? Or is this dependant upon the type of bacteria?
greater than 140 degrees F for more than 10 minutes is the requirement for food, your hot water heater most likely is only at 110-120, this will NOT kill anything. Humans actually cannot stand the temperature of water needed to kill germs on skin...but soap and hand washing don't actually kill germs, just removes them.

Originally Posted by Szlater View Post
As for the best way to rid clothes of bacteria, imo it's simple. Dry the clothes as thoroughly as possible, preferably outdoors where the sun's UV light will add to the effect.
UV radiation from the sun is the best way to disinfect clothing.

Originally Posted by Smeghead View Post
Just out of curiosity, how many people do you know who have picked up bacterial infections from their laundry?
I work in the medical field and can be exposed without knowing to all sorts of nasty things, the risk is not worth it. Not everyone has to worry about this (you won't get sick from just washing your own clothes) but many people do (or should).

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I was probably the one that started the thread about the shower poufs..
Shower heads have recently been linked to lung infections, especially plastic ones...have to replace them regularly, bleach won't get past the biofilm.

So many people think it's silly to worry about germs all that much, but I look at it like this
And they end up sick.

There's lots of bacteria running amok out there! Sure, it probably won't kill you, but I've seen some very unpleasant non-fatal effects of pathogens. Going to the infectious disease specialist every day for several hours of IV antibiotics for 6 weeks or more would really cramp my lifestyle.
Exactly, most people who DIE are very young, very old, or are immunocompromised...everyone else just gets hella sick...well I don't want to have either!

And don't even get me started on viruses, molds, yeasts, and fungi.
Bleach won't kill mold/fungi/yeast as the chlorine won't penetrate the cell. BUT the water in bleach will so bleach actually FEEDS MOLD because of this...never use bleach on mold/fungi/yeast...have to use fungicide.

Originally Posted by Finagle View Post
As DeVena's link points out, you're going to be putting those unmentionables through the dryer, right? The dryer is way, way hotter than any hot water you're going to be using to wash the clothes and the clothes are exposed to it for quite a while. I dunno if they're sterile after coming out of the dryer, but they're pretty close.
You would think but the dryer doesn't do much for killing germs, mostly because they don't actually get that hot for long enough. The air is hot but the clothes aren't getting that hot, metal buttons may but the cloth doesn't.