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I do understand that people generally don't look at their yearbooks much after they initially get them, BUT even if he didn't have one, SOMEONE would have had to let their kids, for instance, look at it, and the kids would say something like, "Is that the same man who's the governor?"
He has only been governor for a short time. These are yearbooks from 30 years ago.

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No. This is about suburban moderates who arenít thrilled about first trimester abortion but donít believe it should be outlawed. I am not a suburban moderate per se, but I share their deep skepticism about second and third trimester abortion, and I believe you should only be able to get one if you get past a serious medical ethics panel, as is the case in my grandmotherís homeland of Ireland.
How long does it take to convene a serious ethics panel? Say it is 3:00 AM, and a car accident victim comes in. The victim is pregnant, and within a week of her due date. Due to her injuries and stress, she is going into labor, and also, due to her injuries, the fetus is non-viable, and attempting a live delivery would be a great risk to her life.

So, the ER doc does what needs to be done to save the woman's life, should he go to jail? If doctors need to worry about non-medical professionals prosecuting them for making medical decisions, then that will cuase doctors to no longer perform what is in the best interest of the patient.

Should we convene a serious medical ethics panel to second guess all of a doctor's decisions, or just the ones that non-medical professionals think should be second guessed? There already *is* a panel of medical professionals that *will* second guess a doctor's decisions, and if it is found that they made poor decisions, they will be reprimanded and retrained to prevent a repeat of the error, if the decisions are made through fraud or negligence, they will be reprimanded much more severely, up to and including losing their license.

The claim that is being made, that this will allow late term abortions on demand, is hysteria that is created by liars, and is propagated by the ignorant.