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This is crazy.
I have shown how one and the same physical system can be considered, on equal grounds, to perform distinct computations (binary addition---f---and the function f').
Going back to my laptop- it is only performing one ontologially significant computation in order to display the symbols on its screen; we'll call that f if you like. We know that is the one it is performing, because it is the one it is supposed to do. This is the teleological function of my computer, the one it has been designed to do. Now you state that it is also performing f', and that also seems to be true- but that computation does not affect the display on the screen at all - the two events are not causally linked.

Maybe, somewhere out there in an infinite universe, there is an exact replica of my laptop in which (purely by chance) it is f' that causally affects the laptop screen in order to display exactly the same symbols - but this freak laptop, if it exists, is so far away that it is way beyond my personal light cone, probably more than a googolplex metres away. What possible relevance does the computation f' have to anything in the real world?

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