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Originally Posted by Brainiac4 View Post
We have a base now - thanks for setting it up, Balance. I modified permissions on the various chest/racks/etc so anyone can deposit stuff in them, and anyone above the "Guest" level can take stuff out.
I put in the inspiration bin some self-rezzes and anti-mezzes. Useful for any squishy archetype.

What do we want to collect in the salvage bins? I've been selling all my salvage at the auction house, but white and yellow salvage is only worth a few thousand influence each. I'd be happy to throw those into our bin.

I've been crafting common IOs, and being able to rummage through our bins would be easier than popping out of the base to buy off the auction house.

Originally Posted by Atamasama View Post
Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
I would go with "Administrator" and "Perfect Master" for the top two levels, but nobody asked me.
I like that better.