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Originally Posted by BeepKillBeep View Post
If you click on a battery and go to the energy tab, then you'll see every steam turbine says "850" no matter what. Same with solar power. It is report as 380 even when they're producing less. So that game thinks you're overproducing.
Ahh! Makes perfect sense. Both solar panels and steam turbines are variable output, so they would be affected by a bug like that. My batteries are doing what I expect, and I have some fancy automation to enable hydrogen/nat gas/petroleum generators depending on storage levels. They do turn off as expected when the battery levels rise, so I think the solar and steam are probably working as designed.

The solar system does seem to work ok now. I have a cooler that runs petroleum through the solar chamber and then through the scanners above it. The solar stays nice and cool. The scanners--which have all the mined regolith--are not so chilly, though they haven't broken yet.

I think I'll build a pre-cooler for the petroleum. It always comes back at ~250 C. I don't need an aquatuner for that; just run it through a steam box with a turbine (or two) above it. That should bring the petroleum down to 125 C, which will put less load on the aquatuner.