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How To Kill Germs in Colored Clothes?

A while back, I read a thread in which I learned that soap does not actually kill bacteria. (It was about those mesh shower poufs. Apparently, they're chock full of bacteria and it doesn't matter that they are saturated with soap in every use.)

It got me thinking about underpants. White ones can be bleached, of course, killing all germs, but what about colored underpants? I'm a bit squicked by the notion that my unmentionables may be carrying all sorts of ickiness . . . there's no such thing as "clean" underwear, in other words.

The environment in which my husband works is very unsanitary, and on occasion, he comes in contact with substances which he'd rather not. I had just been innocently chucking those things in the wash, believing that all of the germs were washed away. (Honestly, it probably would have been better for my peace of mind not to know.)

So, what commonly available substances could I use to wash germy clothing without bleaching it? I thought of ammonia, but I've never heard that it was a germicide.

Any ideas?

So, what sort of
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