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Why, exactly, is killing bacteria found on your clothing a priority?
The human body is covered in billions of bacteria, which only incredibly rarely cause us harm. Unless your husband has multiple open sores on his body or an immune deficiency, a few more germs are unlikley to hurt him.

Washing everything at between 40 and 60 centigrade degrees will kill most things, hanging them out to dry in the sun, or tumble-drying them in a hot machine will kill a lot of the rest, and a good ironing will do for the vast majority of the remainder.

If the clothes look clean and smell clean they're probably fine.

Worse than bacteria are parasites- my mother grew up in Africa, and all their clothing, including underwear, had to be ironed, in order to kill any eggs that had been laid in the clothing while it was drying. Jiggers burrow under the skin and are incredibly unpleasant.