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There was an article about the creator/writer of Mad Men in the NY Times Sunday Magazine a few months ago. It stressed -- using examples -- how much of an obsessive stickler he is over getting the period facts right. You can be sure that if MM describes a fatal plane crash at LaGuardia Airport taking place on such and such a date, that's when the crash took place.

That said, I actually think they got the picnic scene wrong. Not because no one would leave a pile of picnic trash at a park in 1962 (?), but because a family that so fiercely clung to its identity as members of the affluent, suburban, white country club set, like the Drapers, would not do so. I think they would have thought it too messy and lowbrow -- something that poor people who were not raised with good manners did. Sure, Don might toss that beer can into the weeds -- boys will be boys -- but mom would make sure that the kiddies tidied up the picnic area before they left, like she makes sure they clean up their toys before bed every night.

Just because littering was common and not publicly stigmatized until the late '60s, doesnt mean it was practiced by the entire population. After all, I'm pretty sure that there were anti-littering laws back then, even if they were not strictly enforced or carried a heavy fine, so the practice had to have been frowned upon in certain, probably somewhat upper-crusty, circles.