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When you say you don't like pines, do you mean all evergreens, or would the spruce that Chefguy recommended work? I like the blue spruce too, but we also need to know how big you can let these trees grow - full-sized trees will get huge eventually. Evergreens are nice for screen trees since they don't drop their leaves.

Sorbus americana (American Mountain Ash) is also a very nice, hardy ornamental tree that you could consider for a specimen tree. Regular lilacs are very hardy and will turn into a nice, tall screen, and they are beautiful in spring and all summer and fall.

One of the most important things to remember when planting trees (and shrubs, too) is to plant for about their two-thirds grown size - you see shrubs and trees planted far too close to houses and sidewalks all the time, because they were just little when they were planted.