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Some good advice here, especially about contacting the local home extension service.

Two other points:

1) BEFORE YOU PLANT - call Miss Dig, or Contractor's One Number Alert, or whatever it's called in your area. Where I live (Michigan) they will come out and mark all underground utilities for free, assuming you give them at least 3-4 working days lead time. I've had them out several times for this-n-that. They marked utilities with little plastic flags on wire, and also with spray paint, which will be gone after about 2 lawn mowings.

B) The previous owner put several small evergreens under the power lines at my place. I hired a tree guy to bring his tree spade and move them before they got to be too big. He mentioned a phenomenon he called "transplant shock". Basically, the tree will stop growing above ground for a period of time while it spends its energy rebuilding the network of roots that were disrupted by the move. His rule of thumb was that you can count on about one year per inch of trunk diameter before the tree starts to show some decent growth above ground. That means that it's possible to opt for a smaller tree now, and end up with a larger tree sooner than you would if you went for the bigger tree that didn't do much for 5 years.

III) If you have any deer in your area, then starting about the middle or end of September, considering putting stakes and chicken wire around your new tree(s) if possible. One morning a few years ago I found a buck rub on one of mine where that damned stupid buck almost girdled my new tree while trying to get rid of the velvet on his rack.

<snerk> I said "rack".