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I really don't like pine trees so they're out, but I want to surround my new house with a small forest for privacy. I'm short on cash at the moment and I have some patience, but would like at least some eye level coverage in a year or so, so they'll need to already have a head start (4'-5') and should be fast growers.

I live in western Wisconsin so the trees/shrubs will have to be hardy.

Does anyone have great experiences with online nurseries? Are there tree species you'd recommend?
There are fast growing Silver Maple trees that I wish wasn't in my yard, or in the yards around me. They are very Tall by 10 years, but in the Spring they drop little red flower buds that are a pain, then they drop their seeds( which are great many) and make the lawn look brown, in the summer (or on any windy day) there are branches all over the place, then comes Fall and the leaves, some don't fall all at once, so one is raking for many days( some years weeks)! Plus they attract box elder bugs which multiply by the millions. Once I came home from work and our garage looked like some one had spray painted it black. They get between the storm and regular windows and spot them all up!