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Ha. I was super close to drafting AJ Brown but the situation was so poor for various reasons. Tawan Taylor got traded away an hour later, which is not really a big deal but shows confidence in Brown and gives him a more direct route to playing time and development, and that might've been enough to swing me towards him, and I missed it by an hour. Obviously, now, he's going to become a perennial all-star and I will know for the next decade+ that I missed out on him.
I guess we'll see. I was shuffling between Brown, Samuel, and Parris Campbell, so when you went with Samuel that made it a little easier. Of course, now I'm worried I missed the boat on Campbell. But Indy's situation is complicated this year, so who knows when he'll get significant playing time.

Brown felt like the easier choice because few people seem high on Corey Davis and I figure that either Mariota finally pulls it together this year or they pick up a big name QB in free agency next year.

On the third hand, I really wanted Devin Singletary to fall to 2.03 and I was a little crushed when Hamlet took him.